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“I get so much out of coming to class with you. You teach us to approach our work fearlessly! You encourage us, invite us to try new things, give us many options including looking at our work differently in order to see better where we want to go with it. ”.

A new selection of one or two time short workshops for adults and now kids, too!! We offer a quick exposure to various fine arts and hand crafts without your having to commit to a full semester of classes. A great opportunity to hone skills or learn something totally new! Bring a friend, bring your book club, even bring your spouse!

NEW KID’S "Try It" Workshops! ages 6 and up


Fun workshop teaching techniques to enable you kids to create their own art. They will practice various exercises with washes, bleeds, color mixing and use of different brushes. Working from a still life, everyone brings home a painting!

Register by January 10th

Sunday, January 14th | 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

$20 [with materials]


Come have your kids work with polymer clay to make a snowman, complete with scarf and glitter. Really fun, hands on project for all ages. They will learn to use an armature to make this sculpture. From sophisticated to whimsical, these snow people will make you smile every time you see it and they will be so delighted with their work!

Register by January 24th

Sunday, January 28th | 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

$20 [with materials]



Your child’s colored pencil creatures will come alive from their imagination There’s no limit to the detail and form they can create. Color saturation –deep, rich, luscious colors - will be taught. Don’t be scared of creatures, cause there will be a lot of them today!

Register by February 21st

Sunday, February 25th | 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

$20 [with materials]



Kids will create their own individual cartoon character and its best friend or pet. From the sketches, they will transfer the drawings to several acetates, paint them with acrylics and layer the acetates with foam spacers on a background setting. A mat will finish the cel for hanging. Find out how animations were created before the use of computers, and lots of other cool info!

Register by March 7th

Sunday, March 11th | 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

$20 [with materials]

Holidays with Ploymer Clay


Kids age 8+ may come to this workshop to work with an adult!

Make a gorgeous piece of handcraft culture​. This workshop is led by Moki Kokoris, master of fine arts, internationally recognized calligrapher and superb creator of Ukrainian Eggs!

Moki will demonstrate how to create a psyanka, the traditional egg, and then have you create one of your very own. Psyanka means to write. Each egg tells a story depending on the colors, designs and glyph you use. Moki says it is believed by many that the eggs traditionally hold the power of magic! Come and learn the significance of folk art while you create a family heirloom.

Other dates and times may be arranged for groups of 6 and more. Scout troops welcome (at reduced pricing) to schedule sessions as well. Please inquire.

Saturday, March 24th | 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

$40 [with materials]

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New Kid's TRY IT Workshops

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