Try-it Classes

“I get so much out of coming to class with you. You teach us to approach our work fearlessly! You encourage us, invite us to try new things, give us many options including looking at our work differently in order to see better where we want to go with it. ”.

A new selection of one or two time short workshops for adults, to offer a quick exposure to various fine arts and hand crafts without having to commit to a full semester of classes. A great opportunity to hone skills or learn something totally new! Bring a friend, bring your book club, even bring your spouse!

Oil Painting - "Try It"

Try It - Oil Painting

- Thursday, April 27th and May 4th
- 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

$85 - All materials included.

Learn the basics of how to create a beautiful oil painting or join us to hone your painting skills! Color mixing will come into play as well as awareness of composition. Beginners or those with experience will come away from this class with a strong understanding of how to construct a painting.

Oils have unique qualities – smooth, silky, luxurious, rich – that are enhanced by the process you will learn in brush and mixing techniques. This is another class that you will find both relaxing and very rewarding.

Mosaic - "Try It"

Try It - Mosaic

- Thursday, May 18th and May 25th
- 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM -OR-
- 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

$200 - All materials included.

We're professional mosaic artists with public pieces all over the east coast! Whether you’re a beginner or someone looking to hone their skill, this exciting, engaging and hands-on "Try It", will take you through mosaic history, current uses, design and then fabrication of your own piece. We've got techniques galore to share with you and lots of wonderful color tesserae to use. Mosaics – they're addictive, relaxing, fun and satisfying!

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Try It Workshops

Illuminated Initials

The monogram began as a royal seal on currency, marking the reign of a particular Roman or Greek Ruler. In the Middle Ages, artisans used their initials to personalize their work. In the Victorian era, monograms started as a symbol of aristocracy but soon became standard for every household. What began as a form of identification evolved into a great branding tool for one’s personal or family identity. In this workshop you will create your own gilded family or personal Monogram. The only prerequisites are enthusiasm and the willingness to learn new skills! Taught by Moki Kokoris, of Ridgefield.

Holidays with Polymer Clay

Celebrate the holiday of your choosing and make polymer clay decorations! We’ll teach you sculpturing tricks, assemblage process, cane making and the correct way to attach clay pieces together so they’ll stay as you make them! You’ll be thrilled with your efforts and take home some really wonderful new family heirlooms.

Draw the Face

Learn the simple proportions of drawing the face. It might sound intimidating but we promise you – with the proportion formula it will now be foolproof. From there you will sketch using light, tone, shadow and texture to create a portrait that will be recognizable!

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