Class and Camp Descriptions

Acrylic Painting

Learn the versatility of this multi faceted medium. May be applied in a translucent way reminiscent of watercolors or in a thicker, opaque application. Specific exercises will be practiced to raise your level of painting skills. Color mixing will come into play as will as awareness of composition. Beginners or those with experience will come away from this class with a strong understanding of how to construct a painting.

Adult Fine Art Classes

This is an opportunity to explore the medium or mediums of your choice all within a semester – drawing, watercolors, pastels, acrylics, pen & ink, or oils. We supply all materials so there is no big investment in trying a medium with which you have no history. You have the chance to start with drawing and move to any other medium or choose one medium and stick with it all semester. Or even to try one kind of paint and move to another. Extensive lessons and exercises are given with instruction, moving on to finished pieces working from still life or photo.


Working with professional cartoonists and artists, the class will develop comic book storyboards and follow through with creating an animated movie, incorporating their own characters. Study inking, human proportion, perspective, basic drawing technique, transfer tone and the use of color with various mediums!

Camp – Full Day Art Camp

A day full of fun and excitement! You will love the broad range of art that goes on here in a week….leather sculpture, drawing, pastels, oils, cartoon, watercolors, collage, printmaking and more. Fast paced, educational and mostly, lots of fun! You will have a gallery worth of art after this experience. This camp is held in our air conditioned, fully equipped art studio at The Art Spot. Details..

Drawing (Adult)

From Black and White to Color, Everyone CAN Draw! Line, tone, value, texture, tone and shape – all of this will be presented in a way that allows every artist to wind up on a much higher level than they started. Practice drawing what you really see. We will work from still life reference to gain experience in drawing as well as perspective and proportion, gradually working our way from black and white to color. A must for any artist wanting to expand their drawing skill or learn it for the first time, the right way!

Drawing (Children)

Do still life, florals, portraits, animals. Learn to draw what you see! B&W sketching, line, tone, texture, shading, grid enlargements, study composition – and more! Learn to use pencil, pen/ink, charcoal and move into color with pencils and pastels. Everyone CAN learn to draw!

Drawing with Colored Pencils

Learn to draw using color and a most versatile medium. Pencils allow you a variety of technique to achieve a variety of styles. Experiment with different papers and boards as well as several types of colored pencils. Focus on line, tone, composition and the basic – Draw what you see!

Draw & Paint

Learn to see the way an artist does! Discover and practice line, tone, texture, form and shape, light sources and process. Learn to draw realistically to bring your photo or still life reference to life. Clothed figure drawing may also be a component of the class, along with the techniques of gridding and multiple layout sketches to learn, practice and appreciate the importance of composition studies. Moving your drawing into a painting is the next part of the process, choosing from watercolors, acrylic or water-based oils.

Draw, Paint and Even More

While studying the same things as the Draw & Paint class, you will also have the chance to add some printmaking, sculpture, collage or cartooning to your art experience!

Drawing with Pastels

A most versatile medium when you learn the different techniques such as scrambling, sfumato, resists and more. Layers of color are put down allowing exploration of lights and darks in relation to one another. Drawing (line, tone, value, composition) will be practiced to enhance your pastel work. Compare different pastels – oil and chalk-as well as varied papers. Supportive class for the beginner or more experienced artist looking to hone their skills.

European Cultural Art Tours

Take a guided art tour with us through Europe. Tying art history, artistic and architectural styles as well as seeing some of the world's greatest masterpieces, your children will participate in the trip of a lifetime with us.

Figure Drawing & Anatomy

Open to beginners as well as those with drawing experience. Emphasis on surface anatomy and proportion. Students work in black and white from a live model. Exercises range from gesture studies to long poses. Interested in learning figure drawing or want to broaden your knowledge of artistic anatomy? Join us for this informative class.

Fine Art Frolics

Varied use of materials and media – making paper, watercolor, blockprint, oil and water resists, puppets, sculpture, etc. Main objectives – have a good time and “own the process”. Projects for this 4-7 year old group are geared toward different artists and styles.

Kid's Art & Science

Experiment with color and chromatography, make and use your own paints, recreate ancient cave paintings, learn botanical drawing, create optical illusions with pointillism, manipulate Polaroid snapshots, create color wheels and MUCH MORE!

Linoleum Block Printing Workshop

Come and have fun with us as we explore multiple images. You'll learn to cut a linoleum block based on your design, creating images on a variety of papers. color and composition offer opportunity to address your creativity while practicing this process oriented art. No prior experience necessary!

Mixed Media (Adult)

Offered as an exposure to several of the following media: watercolor, printing, mosaics, drawing, paper making, cartooning or one of any number of other ideas. Join us for some light summer fun where you can experiment with many different art processes. All materials included in course fee.

Mixed Media (Children)

Clay to mobiles, acrylic painting to calligraphy, charcoal sketches to portraits, 3-D abstracts to paper sculpture. Class learns about lots of techniques, tricks and uses of varied media as well as study their favorite artists and styles.

Moms/Dads and Tots

Experience the wonder and enthusiasm of these children ages 2-5 as we explore color and shape in interactive art that develops dexterity, hand-eye coordination and manipulative skills. The adults learn techniques and applications to help their children enjoy art and understand process. Each lesson starts with a story relating to the day's project which might include printmaking, paper mache, watercolor, collage, color mixing and more.

Oil Portraiture

Taught by well known portrait artists, this comprehensive class takes you through instruction in rendering faces – capturing a likeness, facial proportion, development of depth with light and shadow. In addition, you will also learn to paint with oils using the new, exciting water based oil paints. A wonderful medium, they have all the vibrant richness of traditional oils with none of the chemicals. You will work from photos as well as live models. Join us in a supportive environment for ALL level of student. Add $25.00 for one-time model fee.

Open Studio Class

This course offering allows you the opportunity to work on your own projects, in your own choice of medium (if you use oils, however, only a water base oil will be acceptable). A docent will be in the studio to offer critiques and fine tuning to your work. You will supply your own materials and tools, be responsible for clean-up of your area. You may set up your own small still life or work from book or photo reference. Please be familiar with your medium and choice because this course will not offer instructional how-to for the beginner.

Portfolio Development

Get into the Art School of your choice! Art School Portfolios require a broad variety of mediums and art work. We have successfully mentored hundreds of high school students through this process. 12-20 pieces are necessary for submission; we take the artists through the different projects with deadlines and time management. Students will get individual attention for unique portfolio work. Please feel free to call to meet with us for a complimentary consult about existing work or planning for portfolio work. Held in our fully equipped art studio at The Art Spot.


Studying application and techniques for watercolor, acrylic and tempera paints, the class works from still life and/or photos. Creativity, imaginative use of the medium, composition and color palette are focal points..


Explore exciting multiple prints and artist proofs. A technical process that lends itself to creative self expression. We make a variety of print blocks as well as cut linoleum blocks, monoprints, silkscreen!


Class writes the play, designs and makes the puppets, then costumes them and presents their play at the Gallery Show! A variety of puppets are studied to determine the best approach for the play. Recharge your video cameras!


Learn about different types of sculpture, working with perhaps paper, clay, polymers, wire and soapstone. Artists, tools, materials and styles are explored.

Sculpture / Copper

Using sheet copper and wires, learn to create sculptural form and, finally, a piece of your own design. The techniques of soldering metal will be taught as well as copper patinas and finishes. Great fun!

Silk Painting Workshop

Use fabric dyes with resists, salts, other techniques to create beautiful fabric paintings. After practicing on small pieces, you will design and finish a large piece you can hem for a scarf or turn into a pillow.

Study the Masters…A Mixed Media Class!

From Pollack to Van Gogh, Matisse to Haring, Monet to Nevelson…learn about and work in the style and techniques of these artists among others. Sculpture, modern abstracts, watercolors, acrylics, cartoon and more.

Teen Cartoon, Animation, Drawing, Illustration

A Mixed Media approach to the basics of art as it applies to cartoon, comics, sculpture and illustration. Using varied media and technique, create your own cartoon characters, comic strips and magazine illustrations, even work with ANIMATION! This class will have the freedom to utilize their own imaginations and to create their own independent projects as well.


A variety of different textile disciplines to include batik, silk painting and theorem painting with your own stencil design, Trapunto Quilting or perhaps felting! Study different fabrics and their uses, how fabrics are made. Learn the techniques and historical applications while producing a piece of each. A great class to help you unwind and get your hand dabbling in art.

Theorem Painting Workshop

Learn stenciling on velvet, first designing and cutting your own stencil pattern. Step by step instructions will take you through the process and have you take home a finished piece suitable for a pillow or frame.

Varied Painting

Learn about brushes, paint additives, color theory, painting techniques – from watercolors to oils, you will experience the thrill of creating your own paintings. We use real art materials, not mediums made for kids – because our artists need to experience the real thing! We'll cover techniques, process and uses for all the different paint mediums, how to create the appropriate color palette for the subject matter, We will also work with additives and other materials to use with the pigments, such as matte medium, glazes, friskets, as well as textural paints and palette knife techniques and more. The uses and combinations of the mediums with the use of still life or photo reference will create the opportunity to explore realism, proportion, perspective and light.


Everyone can master the theory behind watercolor. Learn to keep the whites and explore the various techniques to enable you to create your own art. Practicing various exercises with washes, bleeds, frisket, color mixing and use of different brushes all contribute to your paintings. Beginners or advanced – join this informative and user friendly class.

Our Newest Project Online: The Copper Community Tree

Using the age-old method of repousse, different size options of trees are created by fabricating a textured copper or aluminum trunk and branches. Participants create individual leaves that are then soldered to the branches. Please call us for detailed information this collaborative art project suitable for schools, corporations, libraries, etc. This project is very hands-on, very exciting, and visually exciting as well!

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