Children's Classes

Focus on Art Process, Technique and Creativity - Priceless!

"Natalie loves her Art Spot classes and has been going for almost five years. She says her favorite part is that she does so many cool projects I wouldn't normally do, and all the cool techniques you learn. I love that Joanne and Bruce have created a special place for young artists to develop real skills in a relaxed environment that makes a meaningful and fun art break in her week."
Megan Heuer

Whether a two year old working with a parent or an 18 year old preparing a portfolio for art school admission, experiences here are individual even in a group setting, and by and for the artist themselves.

Our philosophy is to teach the basic rules to demystify art  and to then motivate these young artists to break those rules and thereby create their own style.

We encourage our students to develop their own creativity and imagination. In addition to bringing a broad scope of visual reference into the instruction, we support ongoing dialogue with regard to techniques, artists, art history, museum exhibits.

This is, foremost, a hands-on experience owned by the student.

Children Classes

  • Classical Fine Art Training
  • Ages 2-18, plus Portfolio Development for college
  • Explore, Create, Be Inspired and Motivated
  • Hands-on, educational, lots of fun!
  • Painting, fashion, cartooning, drawing, and more
  • Learn Process and Technique with individualized lessons

Portfolio Development is key to getting into a good art school and being productive once you get there. We prep these artists to create unique work that showcases their talents. With our assessment and critique of their work, they can present it all in the most positive form. We consult with portfolio layout, artists statements, and resumes. And the techniques and process they may be missing are taught, so they are not lost during that rigorous first year of first year of art school.

There's also a lot of fun that goes on here, too! We're worth a visit!

"We discovered The Art Spot when my eldest daughter attended a birthday party when she was just five. She begged me to have her own birthday party there! After meeting Joanne and Bruce on these occasions and observing their teaching style, I just knew that The Art Spot was the perfect place for both of my creative daughters to receive instruction and encouragement. Seven years, many art camps and classes later and we can hardly find space on our walls to hang all of the AMAZING works of art made at The Art Spot. The girls and I have enjoyed every minute."
Liz Durkin

"There's never a day that passes where I don't miss The Art Spot,all my best work came from working there with you guys!"
Courtney D'Arcangelo

"The Art Spot has been an immeasurable positive in my life. From beginning as an elementary-school camper, who had never touched a canvas before, to becoming an assistant teacher, I have been at the studio for over six years. Bruce and Joanne's approach to learning cultivated such an enriching atmosphere, allowing every student to focus on the process of making art and giving everyone independence in their endeavors."
Steffi Colao

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Children's Fine Art Classes

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