Art in Residence, Schools

Whole School or Small Group Enrichment Program, Unique Projects Designed for your Group, in Your Budget

We'd love to work with your school, creating individualized projects, such as our well-know interior or exterior mosaic murals. Our projects are designed specifically for you. Feel free to contact us, to get a more in depth idea of our background and projects, and pricing.

Artists-in-Residence, School

  • Quality Educational Programming
  • Hands-On Learning with Artists
  • Dynamic and Unique Art
  • Varied Themes
  • One to Five Day Residencies
  • Designed for Your Budget

Students will develop skills in design collaboration, graphics, composition, presentational impact, color use, mosaic fabrication, and grouting of the final piece. Other projects include Copper Repousse Trees and Fine Art pieces. Very busy hands-on projects with lots of art, education and history going on!

We work with classroom teachers, administration and PTO liaison to obtain meaningful and specific information for each unique project. Students design and create multiple 3' x 5' mosaic panels from tile tesserae, intended for permanent display in a prominent location in your school.

Themes may be inspired by any thing relevant to student life… historical events, your community events, environmental issues, famous people in history, animal habitats, diverse cultures, literature, school mascots or social programs or as simple as replicating a master work.

The class discussion begins with the history of mosaics, following through to contemporary uses and the various cultural relevance of mosaic art. Explaining the process of the project, the class becomes an art cooperative, understanding how large public art works are made.

As the children are make the mural, we involve and draw them in to talk about art techniques, design, materials, what it means to be an artist, how art touches us in everyday life, and how broad the term “artist” really is.

This brings the class to understanding through experience they are with working artists, who constantly create. In this manner, imparting information is not on a “sit and listen” basis but in a “roll up your sleeves and get to work” atmosphere.

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