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The Art Spot - A Fine Arts School in Connecticut

Bruce and Joanne create Mosaic Mural Public Art Installations for cities, towns, corporations and more. They also own The Art Spot, where they teach children and adults watercolor, pastels, oils, drawing, hand crafts and many other arts.

Other programming includes Artist Residencies in schools through out the east coast, creating Mosaic Murals and Copper Repousse Trees. Pictures can be seen in the Gallery.

We are so lucky to spend our lives doing something for which we feel passion – bringing art into...people’s everyday lives and helping them understand their own creativity!

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Bruce Hunter

Co-Founder, Artist

Born in New York, Bruce discovered a love of art and architectural as well as an affinity for things in nature, while living in Europe, explaining the themes of his artwork. Bruce received a BFA from Pratt Institute. His experience includes working at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill as an architectural model-maker and as a highly respected craftsman in the miniatures world.

An award-winning artist, Bruce exhibits all over the country. His paintings encompass a broad range, including oils, watercolors and pastels. His topics range anywhere from nature to architecture. It’s the striking attention to detail in all of his paintings that is always consistent and apparent as it draws you in for a closer look, enveloping the viewer in the richness, color, blended with the natural setting and realism of the subject. His ability to make the viewer feel a part of the painting has resulted in his artwork being held in private collections throughout the United States and Europe as well as earned him numerous exhibition awards.

Bruce is an exhibiting member of many regional art organizations, as well as a member of the California Society of Pastels and the American Watercolor Society.

He is a respected recipient of many Public Art commissions.

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Joanne Hunter

Co-Founder, Artist, Director

Joanne Hunter is a native of Connecticut, also graduating from Pratt Institute with a BFA degree. Trained as a designer, she freelances in textile, interior and fashion design as well as graphics. In addition she is an award winning fine artist exhibiting pastels and watercolors.

Joanne is an exhibiting member of many regional art associations and is on several Art Committees and regional arts boards. An arts activist in her community as well as the surrounding area, Joanne curates art exhibits, mentors high school art students.

She is a respected recipient of many Public Art commissions.

Creating a line of high end gift products Joanne and Bruce have hand-crafted their line of clocks, miniatures, Christmas trees, house copies and wire portraiture for many years, selling to the Boston Museum of Art, Horchow, Brooklyn Museum, Nieman Marcus, Macy's and hundreds of specialty gift stores world-wide.

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